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We sell various types of cements suitable for all forms of construction.


Our cements are proven to be the best choice in civil engineering tasks.


Efficient for infrastructural purpose e.g joints for drains, pipes.

We provide a long range of construction industry specific cement solution

BuyCement supplies high-quality products

We’re leaders in local cement supply of various types of cement.

We cover all parts of Nigeria especially Lagos. BuyCement has the capacity to supply you with any quantity and types of cement needed for constructions. 

Best Quality 100%
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Buildings, infrastructure & concrete

All types of cements suitable your construction needs are available

Ordinary Portland

Ordinary Portland Cement also known as OPC is a type of cement that is manufactured commonly used worldwide.

Portland Pozzolana

To prepared PPC or Portland Pozzolana cement, you need to grind pozzolanic clinker with Portland cement.

Rapid Hardening

Cement suppliers in Nigeria also offer rapid Hardening cement. It is commonly used in rapid constructions.

Extra Rapid Hardening

As the name suggests, Extra rapid hardening cement gains strength quicker and it is obtained by adding calcium chloride to rapid hardening cement.

Sulfates Resisting

This type of cement is manufactured to resist sulfate attack in concrete. It has a lower percentage of Tricalcium aluminate.

Low Heat

Cement manufacturers in Nigeria offers low heat cement that is prepared by keeping the percentage of tricalcium aluminate below 6%.
Strengthening the competitive edge and standardization of construction

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